Greetings JennyLee —


Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, December 24:
You’re getting too excited. You can’t sustain this high forever, and the low that follows it will be too disappointing for words. Find your way back to the middle ground and make yourself comfortable.

High? *blink*blink* Yeah. Okay. Kelli, you’re a crackhead.


Here is your horoscope for Monday, December 23:
There’s a surprising depth to your usual sweetness. Your airiness gets a spoonful of grit. People who have always regarded Libra as superficial are now forced to take another look.

I feel like a Phil Collins song or something after that one…

Two Days ago

Here is your horoscope for Sunday, December 22:
You’re the master of ceremonies. You have a way with people and a grasp of unfolding events. Personal and communal growth is the only natural response in this loving environment.

To be honest, two days ago feels like a lifetime, after how long yesterday was.

I just got a call from Ian. He’s awake now… coming over to help me unload. Still no word on anyone else to help.

Dayle is being a big suck, but at least he’s left the bedroom now. Sera’s gone about four feet from the door… she seems to think that’s far enough for now.