Dreams of epic proportions…

I had one of those massively long dreams again. I think it’s going behind a cut

I was coming home from a trip with a group of people. The bus platform was familiar, as if I had been there once before in a dream. There was countryside everywhere I looked, farmed land with a few scattered trees as far as I could see. It was quiet and wintry. Bryan and Adam were with me, and I had Sera and Dayle in my backpack – once in a while I would open it and check to see if they were okay. They weren’t complaining as much as I would have expected, and they seemed to be fine, except their coats had changed from the grey and white that they normally are to a rich, soft calico – as though they had both become Squeak.

We waited for our bus, watching an occasional train pull into one of the other platforms, wondering if that was what we would be taking as well. Bryan and I were standing on the tracks when our bus pulled in – it was just a bus. We climbed onto the bus and found seats, settling in for a very long ride home.

The bus was loud, and for a while I forgot about the cats in my backpack. When I finally remembered to check on them, I was feeling a little guilty about it and was a bit worried because they hadn’t been complaining for quite some time. I opened up the pack and Sera sleepily looked up at me from the top of the pack, as Dayle blinked at me from the bottom – they had been asleep.

We pulled in to the place that was my home – a tiny, somewhat isolated cabin. I stepped off the bus and waved at my friends, heading in to the house. A woman waited inside for me, older and serene. She wasn’t my mother, but I knew that she and I lived together and that she cared for me as though she was. Somehow she reminded me of Marilla Cuthbert from the Anne of Green Gables books.

The woman had something important to tell me about something that needed to be done, and I listened to her without really paying much attention. When she was finished telling me, however, I knew that she was right, and I had to go find an item that everyone was looking for and make sure that no one else found it, because evil people were seeking it out to use for nefarious purposes. I let the cats out of my backpack to wander around the cabin, and left to take care of my errand.

I had an idea of where I had to go to find whatever it was I was looking for, and headed for the coast. It wasn’t far, we lived quite close to the ocean. There was someone with me, but I can’t remember who – a girl, about the same age as I am I would guess. The two of us arrived at a plateau. There were rocky stairs that lead down to a beautiful green park on a cliff. At the edge of the park was a cliff of black rock that fell straight down into a calm ocean. I pointed at the ocean and said to the girl with me, “Look! There are whales there!” There were three or four massive whales in the water, turning back out towards the open sea. They were beautiful, it caught my breath for a moment before I could think about moving.

The girl headed into the park without me, and I walked around a bit along the top of the plateau before taking the stone stairs down. They were steep, and for some reason I found it quite difficult to walk down them, but I knew they must be passable because there were so many people in the park below me.

I made it to the lower cliff and walked around the park. Right by the edge of where the park ended and the black rocks descended into the sea, I found what I was looking for… an egg. It fit into the palm of my hand, and it shone with an internal light that I didn’t understand. It was hard to look at the egg, it was so bright. It seemed to be made of polished, smooth quartz crystal – the kind that is milky-white and seems almost to be frozen in motion. I couldn’t speak for a moment, it was too beautiful for words.

Back to the cabin I went, then. I pulled it out of my pocket to show it to the woman. She nodded and told me that she knew I had it, for suddenly she had received great amounts of money – somehow the egg had brought us fortune. Bryan had come back to the cabin to visit me, and I gave him a handful of the cash that had appeared. He thanked me, then he warned me that the ones who were searching for the egg knew that I had it now, and I should find a way to hide it. Then Bryan left to find Adam, and I started thinking about what to do with the egg.

I ended up on another bus, heading back for the cliff side park where I had found the egg. It was packed and I ended up sitting with a middle-aged man. He started asking me about who I would trust with the egg, pointing out Bryan and Adam on the bus in seats somewhere behind us (they couldn’t see me there.) He asked me if I would trust Bryan with the egg, and I affirmed that yes, I would. I explained that Bryan is the sort of person with no evil in him at all, and that he, of all people, would be a great caretaker for the egg. I knew, though, that I couldn’t give it to him – I couldn’t place him in that much danger. I wanted to protect him.

The bus let us off at the park. Adam & Bryan came up to me and said they wanted to help in any way they could. I told them that I had to get back to the place where I had found the egg, and we looked down at the spot from above. It had changed a little – the park was empty now, and there was a group of white animals guarding the spot where I had found the egg. I knew somehow that I had to get it back to that same spot, past the strange white bears and wolves, and away from the people who were chasing me. At that moment, they arrived – a huge group of people with weaponry and many vehicles. I started running as Adam and Bryan pretended to shoot at me with flare guns. Suddenly there was smoke everywhere as I ran up to the stone stairs I had had so much trouble with earlier. They seemed even steeper than before, I tripped as I got close to them and crawled the last few feet. It was smoky, I couldn’t see more than a few feet around me, but I didn’t mind because that meant they couldn’t see me either.

I climbed down the stairs and skirted the edge of the park, keeping to the shadows of the cliff. I looked across at the place where I had to go, where the massive, gleaming white wolves and bears stood guard, and tried to come up with some sort of plan. Crouching under a bridge of rock, I heard something to my left and turned to look. A man was coming towards me, trying to sneak up on me as the others at the top of the cliff were making all sorts of noise to distract me. I realized that I had the egg in my hand and looked at it, then opened up the front of my parka and put it into the inside breast pocket, zipping it closed. I hoped that it would be hidden there for at least a moment, then tried to decide what I should do.

It was only a moment of thought before I started running. Not for the man by the cliffs, not back the way I came, but towards those creatures that looked more dangerous than anything else around me. The bears ran for me first, cutting me off and knocking me over. Then they disappeared… I couldn’t figure out why. Getting back up, I looked around me again and realized that the man who was sneaking up on me, now running outright to catch up, was the same man who I had been sitting with on the bus, the one asking me about Bryan. I ran once again towards the animals, slipping and falling just as I got close. The bears had all vanished, and now there was only one pure white wolf the size of a bear. I lay on the ground stunned a moment, and the wolf ran up to me, sniffing at the midsection of my coat where the egg was hidden. Then he just stopped and stood back, distracted by the shots being fired at him through the smoke.

In a moment I was able to get back up again and I reached into my pocket, pulling the egg out and holding it in the palm of my hand. It was glowing even brighter than before, nearly blinding me, and it seemed to generate a shimmering sound in my mind as I looked. I was terrified of the white wolf, but as I looked into the light of the egg it was like nothing else existed. I saw how close I was to where I had to go, to return the egg, and I saw everything around me that threatened to kill me. Staring at the egg, forgetting everything else around me, I ran for the edge of the cliff blindly.

Suddenly the white wolf’s face was in front of me, the only thing I could see through the light of the egg. He gazed at me a moment, I had the distinctive feeling that he was gazing through me – and I wasn’t afraid of him anymore. His voice sounded in my mind, deep, throaty, comforting.

“I would rather die twice than hurt you myself. I love you too much.”

We stood looking at each other for what seemed like a long time, and he told me of the choice I had without words. I could return the egg to the place it was hidden and it would once again remain hidden until the world had turned to the proper alignment to reveal it once more. This would be a longer time than any of us would live, and it would remove the temptation of the egg from the hands of the evil of humanity. But so doing, I would lose all of the hidden benefits that the egg had granted me – not only the money, but many other things that I had not yet discovered. I was shown some of them, and the thought of losing that which I had longed for was like a sharp pain in my heart. So I could keep the egg, give it up to those who would take it and use it for themselves, and I could also keep everything the egg had granted me.

It was this choice I still considered as I woke up, and the words of the white wolf still ring in my head. I knew that the in the last moments of my dream, however, I was walking towards the place that kept the egg hidden, returning the magic to its slumber.