Christmas Morning…

Christmas Breakfast: Mini-wheats, straight out of the box. Unfortunately out of milk, may go searching for some later. Orange Pekoe tea, also no milk. Most definitely going foraging later.

Christmas activities:
Walk the dogs. It’s been a long time since I’ve had dogs. They’re good company.
Clean the fridge. There was a lot of strange smelling and off-coloured stuff in there. That’s what happens when there’s no one home to care for the fridge… so I cleaned it. I feel better now… or worse, hard to say. Before I cleaned it, it looked like there was food in there. Now it doesn’t. Am quite hungry.
Dishes. Most of which aren’t mine. Go figure.

Christmas Treats: 1/4 box of Peanut Butter Clodhoppers. Heavenly.
1 1/2 cans of Sharp Cheddar Easy Cheese and half a box of wheat thins. Will run out of wheat thins before easy cheese.

Christmas greetings: Belli phoned me! Yay! Waiting on promised call from mother & family in Vancouver, as well as boyfriend & family in Toronto.

Christmas Dinner: Possibly with Ian and his family. Otherwise, leftover pasta from dinner last night.

Gifts under tree: Zero. I’m guessing Santa doesn’t know I moved, and tried to find me at my old apartment. Should’ve arranged for mail forwarding.

Christmas weather: Snow everywhere. Cold. Blue sky and sunlight. Snow brings with it the realization that my boots have holes in them that allow snow to melt and seep into them. Unpleasant cold footed feeling when outside.

Otherwise, I think I might walk to the Husky truck stop or something and get a cup of tea, if I can pull together the cash. Dayle and Sera are playing the ‘let’s reach the highest point in the room and never come down’ game, which is a bit annoying, as I have to give Dayle his antibiotics pill. I took his cone off when we arrived, he hasn’t gone after his tail once. Probably too busy freaking out about the other occupants of the house to think about it.

Maybe I’ll put up my 3foot blue and silver tree today to entertain myself. My new ornament is in my hope chest, though, which is underneath all of the boxes we brought in and put in the basement. Well, at least moving all those boxes and then putting them back will give me something to do today…