I came in to work today to find a huge package waiting for me at my desk – it’s filled with gourmet chocolate stuff. I think they’ve come to know me quite well here or something. There’s also a nice wooden wall shelf in the package. It rocks.

I’m again spending most of the day so far here staring out the window at the blue sky and cirrus clouds passing over. They’re not moving nearly as fast today as they were yesterday. When I left the house this morning, though, the lake was exceptionally loud… some pretty serious waves crashing up onto the beach. It was really nice. I will miss my beach.

It’s really sinking in now that I leave in a few days. Four days, to be exact. So little time left here… not to say that I won’t be back, at the very least to visit. There were still some things I wanted to do, but they’ll have to wait until I’m a tourist again, I guess.

Dayle is acting pretty depressed. He really doesn’t like the cone on his neck. I wish I could take it off him, but we have to wait until his tail heals so he can’t re-open it and hurt himself more. It’s going to be a rough couple of weeks for him… coneheaded, tail-sore, moving into a new house, six hour drive to aforementioned new house, four strange cats and two strange dogs at new house to deal with… I hope he handles it okay. I’d be distraught too, if I were him.

It’s a beautiful day today.