I’m getting tired… nearly time for bed I think. Lasagne tonight was great… I don’t know when I started to enjoy cooking, but I don’t regret it at all. And we’ve got tonnes of leftovers (I made two lasagne’s and there’s an entire one left over. go me!)

There is a very small turtle smiling at me. He’s so cute… I need to give him a name. He’s supposed to be lucky, I was told.

There is much to be done before the move. I have to remember to cancel everything for when we go. I have to go see The Two Towers. I have to pack the rest of the stuff in our apartment. I have to figure out what we’re keeping and what we’re leaving for someone else. I have to wrap up a couple of things that are weighing on my mind. I have to see the Sheppard Subway. I have to be rid of this headache.

Yes… I think it’s bedtime. I can’t shake this tiredness.