Greetings JennyLee —

Here is your horoscope for Saturday, December 28:
You’re dreamy but clear-eyed. Although you know the nuts and bolts that made this perfect state, it’s hard not to think of it as a miracle anyway. There’s a special quality to Libra’s love these days.

Here is your horoscope for Sunday, December 29:
Thank others for sharing their opinions and move on. Despite recent changes, you still know your way around. Your security is assured as long as you control your spending.

Well, today’s technically our Christmas, I guess. It’s a little odd, but that’s okay. Someday I’ll have a home of my own and I’ll be able to celebrate Christmas the way I remember it.


3 – Macbeth

At an exceptionally young age, Macbeth was already capricious. As a kitten he would scale anything and everything that seemed a challenge, from bookshelves to tall scottish men. It was then that Macbeth learned to fly.

One of his forays into the heights of a six foot tall bookcase lead him to great treasure, when he found two bags of recreational pharmaceuticals, one of which was catnip. Upon eating the catnip, he ventured into the other bag, and the land of wonderland where mushrooms make you taller and cheshire cats are perpetually grinning. He returned from his three day trip to Wonderland a changed creature.

Now four years of age, Macbeth retains his affinity for high places, climbing up to the greatest heights he can achieve in a room. He is often chided by Twig, who has no problem with setting the brash youth on his heels. Macbeth swaggers into a room as though he is the king of all he surveys, but his fighting skills lack any true fierceness. He is truly all growl but no claw, but he plays the part well.


I turned on the Cam and pointed it out into the back yard, where there is much snow to be seen. The dogs run around out there a lot, you might see them if you take a look. Otherwise, it looks like a yard with snow. Go figure.

To continue biographies of the animals…

2 – Twig, the Battlemaster

The uncontested ruler of the Silver household, Twig is a beautiful striped tabby with deep, intelligent eyes an inquisitive mind. She has been known, on more than one occasion, to stare at a singular point for extended periods of time. They say that she has the power of the gods, the ability to blink the entire world out of existance should she deem it unworthy. On occasion, the other animals make the mistake of disagreeing with Twig. This is met with a swift paw to the head followed by a serious admonishment.

It is impossible to ruffle this cat’s sense of calm. She has been known to allow someone to wrap her in carpeting until she resembles a strange cat-headed monster with spider legs from outer space – without complaint, without even getting up to walk across the room. It is not known why the Battlemaster endures such things… perhaps she is amused by the strange antics of humans. Whatever the reason, she chooses to live in the Silver household of chaos for her own purposes.


I think they’re coming home today, barring any major changes in plan. It will be nice to have people around, and even nicer to see Adam. I guess that means I should get to tidying stuff up. I managed to keep the place pretty clean for my part, but I’m going to have to move things around, because Adam’s parents are probably going to want their bedroom back.

Jordy and his girlfriend just arrived and went right to sleep. I think that brings my total time seeing them since I got here up to eleven and a half minutes.

Bleh. My throat hurts. I think I’ll have a shower and then make some tea… Then I’ll get to tidying.

Greetings JennyLee —

Here is your horoscope for Friday, December 27:
Male and female energy are unusually harmonious. Whatever your gender, you play a big role in bringing peace to your corner of the world. As affection deepens, who are you to stand in its way?

This is what happens when I get bored….

Biographies of the animals:

1 – Ketzel

Ketzel (affectionately known as Craphead) is the eldest of the animals in the Silver household. Coal-grey, she carries herself gingerly, as age sets into her bones and makes her move slower than she once did. The signs of her age are obvious – from the flaking dry skin to the occasional unexplained lump that appears and vanishes without a trace. If you look carefully at her feet, you’ll note a few extra toes… they say it’s good luck.

She treats the rest of the animals with a sort of disdain, ignoring the infighting, the intrigue, the drama that goes on around her each and every day. Her only vice, besides being a grumpy old crusty woman, is a tendency towards Vampirism. Never have I met a cat so completely obsessed with the neck of the person in whose lap she relaxes. If she can’t reach the neck with her teeth, she gently places her paws upon it and stares longingly as long as she sits in the lap. It gets disturbing after a while.


Tonight is one of those crisp, clear, absolutely freezing sort of nights. I’m sincerely lusting after proper winter boots now. If I go outside, even to drive over to the coffee place or the Husky, my feet freeze immediately and feel like they’ll never warm up.

You can tell it’s going to be a cold night because of how clear the stars are. It’s really beautiful, though. If I get really bored later and I’m still wide awake, I might drive up the highway til there’s no light pollution (there’s a couple of bright signs near the house,) and look at the sky for a while.

There’s so completely nothing to ramble about. I’m bored stiff. The book I’m reading is quite boring. Television is also boring. All the animals are sleeping, so even they aren’t entertaining me now. I’ll bet I look really bored Oncam. Mostly because I am really bored. [/whine]

If I’m lucky, we’ll get a dusting of snow tonight, enough to make it look really fresh. Then I’ll take my camera and go someplace to take photos during the day tomorrow. If I can find some boots to borrow, anyhow.


Got the cam working on this computer, and took some snaps of the pets. Well, most of them. I don’t have one of Twig yet. Once I do, I’ll download an FTP program and put the pics up somewhere.

I’m quite bored and lonely. I think I’ll go to timmie’s for dinner. Maybe put gas in the car.

Jordy called… it doesn’t sound like he’ll be coming back from his girlfriend’s place tonight, either. Another night on my own in a place that isn’t mine but I will be living in. I think I’m more bored than anything. That and wishing for contact with human beings that I care about and who care about me.

I’d be going completely mad if it wasn’t for the cats & dogs….