Pizza, Fatal Attraction, and company…

Belli & C were very late getting home tonight – they had an emergency to deal with with the baby. Don’t worry, he’s okay. Anyhow… I was lurking on irc, bored and hungry. I didn’t really feel like going out anywhere, all I wanted to do was veg at home, get some laundry done, and find some food.

The house was quiet, though… it was unnerving. So I put in the new Matchbox 20 CD (oh the sweet goodness that is Matchbox 20) and turned the music up loud, ordered a pizza, invited plaid over to veg with me, and we watched Fatal Attraction on MoviePix. The movie was okay, nothing really spectacular though… we spent perhaps too much time making fun of the clothes and commenting on the interesting taste people had in the 80s. We also thought that Michael Douglas’s daughter looked a lot more like a boy than a girl… Anyhow. What made that movie so intense? I didn’t really think it was that special… maybe the 80s were a different time? Maybe it was easier to keep people on the edge of their seats then? I don’t know. It was okay… it wasn’t anything special, that’s all. At least I can say that I’ve seen it, now.

We finished off the other half of that bottle of wine left over from last night’s gathering, too. It was a nice wine, I liked it.

I showed plaid my cameras, and he was appreciative (yes, I like to show off my toys…) and I did laundry. Wow, I’m such an exciting hostess. Ahh well. It was nice to have good company to veg with. Hopefully I’m neither too boring, nor do I ramble too much.

It looks like I’ll be finished with the work at my temp job by friday at the latest. This makes me happy, because I should be able to take off to the great white north on friday, assuming the bus runs at a time that I can catch it. Five hour bus trip, here I come! I’d write on the laptop, but it’ll be out of commission for the trip, lacking batteries and all… there’s still my paper journal, though. And travelling by bus has given me some interesting things to write about in the past. Uh-oh… the bag I would normally have taken with me is out of commission… one of the cats peed on it tonight. *sigh* I’m sure Belli will have something I can borrow… I don’t know what to do about hiking shoes, though… I don’t actually have any runners anymore. They’re at the gym I used to work out at still.


  • cato

    May 10, 2001 at 2:46 pm

    MMmmmm. Pizza…..

    i always thought that the daughter looked more like a boy too.

    i couldn’t sit through that whole movie myself. i didn’t find it very intense.. so…it started just getting silly to me

    man. now i’m dying for a pizza. see what you’ve done!!! lol

    you’re the best jennylee rabbit *hugs*

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      May 11, 2001 at 12:06 pm

      I found the movie pretty slow… must be a product of 90’s shockage films or something.

      Heheh 🙂 You rock, thanks.