I’m SO much better than I sound. When I woke up this morning I couldn’t speak. As the day progressed, my voice returned and the sore throat faded into the background. Trigger, Belli and I headed out for the piercing place where people were meeting up for piercings, but got caught on the Gardiner in nasty traffic. We arrived a bit late, but there were still a couple of people there. They headed on to the tattoo place, leaving behind myself, Tommer, Strange, BleuLlama, and Belli. Tommer got a piercing, and then he, Bleu, and Strange had to catch up with the tattoo people, so Belli and I were all by ourselves, armed with a fund to purchase me a piercing.

The guy who did the piercing was very nice. He explained everything in great detail about how to care for it, and why I was doing certain things in caring for it. He was a really nice guy. We chatted about his baby in between finding out about the piercing after-care.

Belli has decided that I am not human. As he stabbed my belly with the needle, I didn’t scream, cry, flinch, or even blink. It hurt, but I didn’t react. Now, it doesn’t hurt at all unless I accidently brush up against something or touch it somehow. I haven’t touched it at all, really.

Oh, and of course I took a picture:

In fact, I’ve taken four rolls of pictures with my camera this weekend. Now I need a job just to pay for all the developing costs… I’m on the fifth roll now, I think.

Tonight was the show. It was great. It was amazing. It was fun. I fucked up and it just didn’t matter. I coughed every time I turned away from the mike, and I still sounded good. We did songs that we had never rehearsed, never even done together, and it was great. Ian and I opened, then came on again at the end of the night to do a few more songs (a sing-along rainbow connection!) and then we had Ian, Darcie (or however you spell it) and Jen come up and do some Ani songs. Ilona rounded out the night with a goodbye song. Boo rocked my world, Monica rocked my world, Cyn rocked my world, I rocked my world, my world was rockin’!

It was willpower that made me perform tonight. By all rights, I should have been at home, in bed, coughing, hacking, drinking buckley’s from the bottle, but I told myself that I was performing tonight, and my voice would be FINE. It wasn’t that strong during rehearsal. I was concerned at that point, but I told it to behave, and it did. I got through everything I wanted to do (even though I rearranged Push just a little bit… thanks for coming up onstage with me, Ilona!)

Performing makes me feel better than anything else… it’s like everything else just doesn’t matter anymore… just the stage, the mic, the song. I did Break Your Heart better tonight than I think I’ve ever done, cough or otherwise. I love the world from a stage… and yes, the flute solo from Home for a Rest killed me. I intend to learn that and be able to play it really well for the next time I play.

All the songs we performed were originals…. just not our own.

I’m somewhat disappointed that a couple of people who promised to come to the show (local non-online types) didn’t make it out. It balances out, though, since I’m incredibly happy that other people who promised to come were there. It was great to see Cal and Mongol and Dresdia, I’m glad I invited them when I saw them. If anyone else from #toronto arrived, I was too wrapped up in everything to recognize them…

I should sleep… JohnBoze and Darcy and I are getting together at some point in time tomorrow. I’m still on a high, though… I wasn’t even nervous onstage, even if I was shaking for the first couple of songs. I think that was more adrenalin than anything else…

I loved the spontaneous cheering when we played the Friendly Giant theme song. I loved people singing along to rainbow connection. I loved the heat of the lights, I loved hearing my own voice reflected back at me from the monitors. I’m so happy that I don’t even care that I’m talking like the pimple-faced teenager from the Simpsons.

I will do this again. The stage is the sweetest drug I’ve ever tasted, and I think I’m addicted.

For my first ever onstage performance (real performance, not openstage thing), I think it went extremely well. I know I felt good up there.


  • raviolios

    April 23, 2001 at 12:02 am

    w00t! How exciting for you! I’m soooo sorry I missed it. I missed everybody. Next time, sweetie, next time…

  • cyn

    April 23, 2001 at 6:09 am

    you were stunning. breathtaking.

    i’m glad you loved it – you seemed perfectly in your element. can’t wait to see you at a lot more shows soon!!!

  • ginamoog

    April 23, 2001 at 9:34 am

    Glad you had fun Jennylee, it was just what you needed:)

    Nice piercing by the way!:) It took a long time for my navel to heal up.

  • daruba

    April 23, 2001 at 11:51 am

    you rawked yer rawking world!

  • jerronimo

    April 23, 2001 at 12:23 pm

    you rocked my world too. It seems as though all of the pictures i took came out.. i’ll be getting them online thisafternoon.


  • sirreal13

    April 23, 2001 at 3:26 pm

    I’m glad it went well… I know that adrenaline rush after a performance. Unfortunately, I haven’t really done a stage performance since high school. The frustrating thing was that as a high schooler, I would come off a good performance and have all this energy an no way to channel it or enjoy it under the overprotective eye of my Mom. I had no car and it was past curfew anyway.

    Hope you’re feeling better… Nice belly adornment! 😉

    I wish I could have seen and heard you sing…