Later in the evening today, I planned on going to a party that my friend Denise (who runs Stomp of Approval) was holding. She’s moving out of Toronto at the end of the week, and she invited friends for a last gathering at her apartment.

The night was really laid back, basically just people lounging around and chatting in various rooms. It was really nice, and I felt comfortable even though there were a lot of people I didn’t know there. I’m sure it helped that Gilgamesh, Cyn, Templier, Denise, Amy, Emily and Penelope were all there, and I knew them from previous gatherings of friends. It made it easier to deal with all the complete strangers in the room. The party was pretty good until the really drunk guy didn’t want to leave… I think he was invading people’s space a little more than he should have been, and he certainly didn’t get the very DIRECT hints people were giving him (i.e. GET UP OFF HER LAP!)

I ended up getting a lift home with Amy and her boyfriend, and didn’t get home until after 3am. Now I’m still wired and awake. I should probably go to sleep soon, though.

I need a hanger for that dress. I don’t want the cats to ruin it…