I think I’ll catch up on horoscopes… I haven’t checked email in that account since last wednesday, so I’ll start then.

Greetings Jenny —
Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, March 14:
You may be feeling underpaid for the work that you do. A sudden shortcut
leads straight to the heart of a complex issue. Appearances matter
a great deal to those who are either shallow or in a big hurry.

Here is your horoscope for Thursday, March 15:
Romance visits your life in the classical sense — florid artwork,
big symphonies, an idealized evocation of some earlier time. Tell
the same old story in a new way. Your belief is strong enough to
sway those in doubt.

Here is your horoscope for Friday, March 16:
Your imagination is especially keen these days. When a friend or
associate gets back to you, the response is in line with your predictions.
Start doing something entirely different, just because you think
you can.

Here is your horoscope for Saturday, March 17:
One person’s blinding light of revelation is another one’s shrug
of ‘too little too late.’ You see evidence of deep currents, but
there’s no time to ride them. Business just won’t wait this week.

Here is your horoscope for Sunday, March 18:
The expiration date for stale memories has come and gone. Dreams
are continually refreshing themselves, and you have many more important
things to consider. Wake up and start walking.

Here is your horoscope for Monday, March 19:
Today may provide an insight into something you may not have been
aware of before. The issue could be around real estate or even family.
Try to stay open minded.

Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, March 20:
Libra feels creative these days, whether in business, art or personal
interactions. When someone speaks, you really understand what they
are saying. Mysteries are just shiny presents for you to unwrap.