Open stage dream

I dreamed vividly last night. The dream was entirely non-exciting, though. I dreamed that the Open Stage (set for tomorrow night) was moved to tonight, and instead of being held at Sneaky Dees, it was at some legion hall type of place (but not the 360, which is the only legion hall I’ve been to in Toronto…)

First, I was just watching them try to get stuff set up. There didn’t really seem to be anyone in charge (I guess EeeeEEEeeeee wasn’t around or something) and there was much chaos and confusion. I had forgotten to bring my guitar with me, but I assumed that someone there would have one I could borrow. My guitar doesn’t have pickup or an output for an amp anyway, and mic’ing an acoustic guitar can be a pain in the ass for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. All of these things ran through my head.

There were only about 15 people there, so I figured I should get up and perform. The people who were on-stage at the time were just sort of milling about aimlessly. I wandered up and was able to borrow an acoustic with a pick-up from a girl who seemed to be trying to get things organized.

A whole lot of time was spent trying to get the stage cleared. There were two bookcases that kept leaning over me, and I kept having to shove them away with my shoulder. I finally got someone to haul them off the stage. I then realized that I needed an amp for the guitar, so the girl who owned it had someone go out to her van and bring the amp in. I shuddered when I saw it… it was an old, ratty-looking Peavey 210 or 212 or so. I picked it up to put in on the stage behind me, and was shocked by how light it was. I commented to the girl who owned it, “This thing is lighter than it should be,” but she didn’t respond. I shrugged, and turned it on. It made the expected awful feedback noises (peavey electric amps just aren’t designed for an acoustic with a pickup) and I messed with it until it sounded reasonable.

I suggested to the girl that she try renting an acoustic amp from Long & McQuade sometime, because they sound infinitely better than this thing… her friend standing next to her took offense to my suggestion, so I just turned back to messing with the guitar and amp a little.

Finally, I felt like I was ready to actually play. I had decided on Break Your Heart, since it’s the only song I really feel comfortable enough with to do in front of many strangers. As I started to play the first chord, an old, very drunken man walked up behind me on the stage. He started rambling, very loudly and slurring every word he said. He was someone I would expect to see at a legion hall, oddly enough… old, lonely, loud-talking, and looking for attention. I undid the guitar strap and set turned to talk with him for a bit, trying to escort him off the stage. I finally got him offstage, and made a little joke about it when I got back to the mic (a wireless akg mic, which seemed incredibly out of place at a legion hall…)

Finally, I started playing again. As I began, I noticed that Vic and Sue walked in, and I waved at them. Finally, I just started playing the song and singing into the mic. I got through the song without much incident, until right near the end, when someone snuck on stage and pointed out to me that the cable had somehow fallen out of the guitar. I plugged it back in, and finished the last part of the song.

And then I woke up.

I find it odd that I can remember details like what kind of mic and amp I was using, and that I actually remember playing the entire song all the way through.


  • ex_oki86

    February 3, 2001 at 10:49 am

    Don’t they say that dreams are pictures of what your subconscience wants or something like that?

    Just telling your conscience what’s going on and such…

    some kinda symbolism or something.

    Well, I could be wrong. But cool that you got to sing in your dreams all the way through. =>

    • jerronimo

      February 3, 2001 at 1:48 pm

      “A dream is a wish your heart makes” according to Miles Harding in “Electric Dreams”

      Personally, I’ve always thought that dreams were just your brain moving around information in your head learned in the past day, along with information already there… every time it passes over one of these bits of information, all that your conscious brain can do is to just re-experience it, in its own way…

      and as it turns out, there are some researchers who actually think that this is what is happening…

      heh. wish i would have written a paper on it back in college. oh well.

  • cyn

    February 3, 2001 at 11:27 am

    no matter what happens all around you, you should sing on stage.

    that’s the message i see in it 🙂