I think it was Artyste who pointed out to me that today is the last day of February… it’s the 28th today. That means that it’s also my stepfather’s birthday. I think, last I heard, he was living in Iroquois again, but I haven’t heard from him since my birthday in 99 or so. Or maybe Christmas of 99. It’s been a long time, either way. Granted, I suppose I’m partially to blame for not keeping contact with him either, but it never really seemed a priority. I have a tendency to distance myself from people in my past who had a tendency to take their own issues out on me. And he had issues. He probably still has issues, since he never made an effort to deal with them while he and my mother were together. He never acknowledged there were problems at all, as far as I can remember.

*sigh* too many examples of relationships that didn’t work in my childhood. At least now, though, my mom is happy, and she’s got a wonderful husband, and their relationship works.

If my stepdad were online, I would send him an email. I don’t really do snail mail all that well, and neither do I do phones. I could send a message through my brother, I suppose. I’ll get to it later, I guess. Right now, I’m starving to death.