I’m going to try and avoid advil today. The headache isn’t too bad so far, probably because the first hour that I was awake I just lay in bed looking at the wall. Brick walls are so interesting sometimes. When I did get up, I watched This Hour has 22 Minutes (rerun) and the Red Green Show on CBC. It irks me that we get CBC French perfectly clear, but CBC english barely comes in at all. Makes absolutely no sense to me at all. I think someone is out to get people who refuse to order cable. CBC should be accessible to anyone, anywhere.

I have a kink in my neck, and when I try to roll it out, it just pinches a nerve and hurts like hell. I think I’ll have a bath bomb today. Bath Bomb, marshmallow candle, cup of tea… that’s highly appealing right now. I think I’m going to go put the kettle on again for another cup of tea now.

Greetings Jenny —
Here is your horoscope for Monday, February 26:
The dialogue continues. Everybody gets their turn to speak. The sooner
all of the information is on the table, the sooner you can begin
to make sense of it. Personal revelation is encouraged.