Jay asked me a valid question about going back to working at L&M again… I had reached a point, around the time when he first met me, that I hated working retail. I had been doing it for about six years, full time or part time, and I was sick of dealing with people. I jumped at the chance to work in a data entry position because it wasn’t retail. Jay asked me if I really wanted to go back to that.

I’ve been thinking about it. It is true, retail was an evil place to be, but there was no better place to be doing retail than at the music store. The people I worked with were great. The customers were generally pretty good. It felt good to help people who were honestly looking for help. There were good sides to it. The bad sides were the havoc standing up all day would wreak on my ankles, knees, and back, and the customers who couldn’t be happy with anything, and the fact that I had a half-hour lunch and no morning or afternoon breaks, and was expected to stay until all the tills were balanced after the store was closed (sometimes as long as an hour, without being paid for it.) When they started giving me more responsibility, I loved and hated it both… I think it broke me, though. I couldn’t go back to it full time.

So if I go back to it now, part time, it’s a time-filler… it’s a place to be so that I don’t feel like I’m completely useless, until I figure out what I’m actually interested in doing. It’s a place to maybe save up some money and go to school, or pay off more of my debts (I hate to think about those things… bleah) or something. It’s better for me to be doing something, and at least I’d get a discount on strings for my guitar and new guitar books. I suppose if I hated it, I could always just quit again. That’s the thing about part-time casual… they don’t really expect you to stay forever.

I should get going soon.