We had Kraft Dinner (Macaroni and Cheese) for our Christmas Day dinner, around 11pm at night. The rest of the day we snacked on crackers and dip and bread and cheese and whatever else we could find around the house.

I don’t actually like Kraft Dinner anymore… my mom worked at Kraft when I was growing up, so she got kd at a discount from work, and we used to have it for dinner quite a lot. At least, that’s how I remember things… and now I can’t eat the stuff unless I’m desperate.

Christmas dinner used to be turkey and stuffing and potatoes and all sorts of wonderful food with the whole family at nanny’s house. Now it’s KD in front of the tv watching the extreme games all by ourselves.

I’m not going to admit to this actually being Christmas, I think.

But I’m very thankful for the Kraft Dinner. I just wish my stomach would accept that fact.