Today we slept until noon. By the time we woke up, we were alone here in Jay’s dad’s house. His dad had left for up north to spend time with his girlfriend’s family. We spent the entire day watching cable television… My brain is completely fried now. I suppose I should have called family or something, but I didn’t. It felt like any other day anyhow… who needs an excuse to phone the people who really matter to them anyhow? *shrug*

Vic & Sue dropped by twice today, that was nice. I got the Anne Murray CD “There’s a Hippo in my Tub” which I used to have on tape when I was very young. Woohoo! They gave me some cute digimon stuff too, and some massage oils. Jay got a whole stack of lego, most of which he didn’t have, and some cute little star wars scenes. I’m glad the runes I got Sue weren’t something that she already had.

I’m so sleepy, and I haven’t done a thing all day. This is the first I’ve been on the computer, and it’s not like there was anyone else here using it either.

TV is boring