Heh… I figured, since Jay is away from home and actually at work today, I would leave the fneu cam on all day to keep an eye on the cats. For a while there I thought it wasn’t uploading, because Sera didn’t move, but she finally did and now you can go look at my incredibly messy apartment. I only cleaned the bathroom, I never got to the rest of the place. Bad me. Right now, all I’m watching is Sera cleaning on the bed/couch thing.

Oh joy, I’m at work. Maybe I’ll write a couple of articles today. They don’t really need to be long, so I could stockpile a few if I wanted to.

I’m hungry already.

The streetcar trip in with Jay was amusing. He’s all nervous and stuff, but I don’t think he really needs to be. I think, though, this is his first actual job that has potential to be a career type of thing, and I would be nervous if that was me. There was a fire near our place this morning, so they had shuttle buses for the first part of the trip, then we grabbed the streetcar and went on from there. He works two blocks from where I work, so we can take the same route in. I like having company on the streetcar, although I’m not very chatty in the morning.

Sera has now curled up and is getting ready to sleep. she’s hiding behind a plastic bag, so you have to really look to see her. I have no idea where Dayle is hiding, though.

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  • mtbandit

    November 13, 2000 at 11:41 am

    wow, your apartment is *so* much neater than mine.