I managed to wake up relatively early today… that’s a good thing, trust me. I have a lot of little errands to run today, like renewing my license and cleaning up and putting up the curtains and such. Oh, and I need to pick up some pillows to turn the single bed in the living room into a couch. I know for sure that Grindbastard and Thunderwolf will be showing up, I still have no idea whether or not Scout-Sniper will be coming with them, and hopefully BleuLlama will be able to tear himself away from work to come up and visit too… And eDeath is supposed to drop by sometime on Saturday, as well, so we can have a Talon meeting or something.

Speaking of Talon… just before I fell asleep last night, a thought passed through my mind for the Talon story. I should start writing that up, now that I’ve got some ideas for it… I haven’t mentioned Talon, have I? It’s a mod for half-life that a bunch of us are working on… various people doing coding and mapping and textures and models, and I’m supposed to work on sound and the actual storyline. I can’t do much with sound at the moment… I don’t have Soundforge anymore. Well, I have it, but I can’t get it to run. I can start work on the story any time though… and if I write it well, maybe it’ll inspire other people to work on the whole project too. Not that they aren’t… but I’d love to be the source of someone else’s inspiration someday.

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  • artyste

    September 29, 2000 at 11:23 am


    I believe I got Soundforge with my SBLive! I’ll look for it.. if I have it, do you want it?

    It’s a full version… I’ve also got Cakewalk.

    I’m never going to use these things.. let me know.