Jay & I met up with Cyn & Aphyd and a bunch of other people for dinner at the willow tonight. Mmmm yummy pollo relleno (I can neither spell nor say it…) Anyhow, it was good to get out. The rest of them all went to see Spinal Tap, Jay & I have some cleaning up stuff to do still tonight before we start dealing with visitors from another planet (aka the United States) dropping by tomorrow for the LAN party. 🙂

We have four desks. We have three computers. We are two people. I think I have to take a picture of this end of the room now…

Cyn gave me this Great bracelet for my birthday!! I love it. It’s purple amethyst beads and I like it a whole lot. She gave me a really nice card with it too, a picture of the sun but different… I think I have to scan it, it’s really cool. And a pencil with little crystals in it to free me from my writer’s block. Woot. I’ll have to try it when my head isn’t hurting anymore.

Hey, where’d my advil go? *questing for advil*

Awww, man! I forgot to give cyn the newspaper article. Damn.

cam is on. I’m going to be on IRC and wandering around the apartment cleaning up, I think. Yeah. That’s it.