I slept in today, and it was quite satisfying, once I managed to pull myself out of bed. Finished reading Tailchaser’s Song last night – I haven’t read that since I was in grade seven or so. I picked up a couple of books at the Word on the Street Festival – one was a sci-fi sort of story that I borrowed from Cyn a few months ago, but wanted my own copy. I’m not going to read it again, since I only read it a little while ago. The other book was a dream interpretation psychology sort of book, not a sit-down-and-read type thing… have to be in the right mood to read psych books. I got a subscription to the magazine Shift, too (it’s like Wired, but with fewer ads.)

Maybe I should go to the library today… that’s always an idea. Or the bookstore… need something to read.

We can’t go to Ikea today – there will be a few people from I Have a Secret forums getting together at the Second Cup in the beaches (oooh… there are two of them… which one could it be??) this evening. Since I live in the beaches, I’m obviously going to be there. In the meantime, I have to come up with something to do here in the beaches to pass the time… I’m pretty bored right now.