This morning I woke up and couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t all that nice. Now, I still can’t breathe, every time I say n it comes out kinda like a D. Bleah. I hate this feeling.

Jay and I are still planning on going up WAY NORTH (up on Sheppard Ave.) to Ikea and Fairview Mall. Not necessarily in that order.

I just got disconnected from the net again. It happens every couple of days or so. I’ll just keep updating this until the net comes back (come back!! come back!!!!)

I’d turn the cam on, but I’m still in my housecoat… besides, today is hopefully new cam day… Fairview mall has a store in it somewhere that is a 3com dealer, so I’ll be able to get the one I want. Oh, I was going to check out that Citizen X page sometime soon, too. Someone from there dropped into the #secrets IRC channel last night where I lurk, so I figured I’d go check it out.

Oh look, I’m back online, I can upload this now!