I realized something today… well, just a couple of minutes ago actually. Over at I have a Secret, everybody refers to ‘beer o’clock.’ Something about that has always just felt wrong to me… I realize that it just refers to a point in the day where you can kick back and relax and spend time with friends or family or whatever. That’s wonderful and great and all that, it’s a great sentiment, I don’t have a problem with it being a term or anything… I think it just hits me personally wrong for a couple of reasons:

1. I don’t like beer – the taste of it. I like wine and some liquors and mixed drinks, but I just don’t like beer. I occasionally give it another shot… but I still don’t like it.

2. I don’t like getting drunk (I don’t mind being tipsy, but one drink too many and I get dumped headfirst into nasty self-destructive depression.) Because of this, I don’t equate having a beer as relaxing at all.

2. I’ve lost one family member due to alcoholism. It still bugs me, more than I think I’ve ever admitted to anyone. I was thirteen or so then. I feel like I missed out on years of a relationship because of alcohol.

So, while I understand and can echo the sentiment of what’s meant by ‘beer o’clock,’ there’s always something about it that… well, not exactly hurts, but half aches somehow, in a subconscious sort of way.

Cheers to beer O’clock though. 🙂


  • satoreye

    September 19, 2000 at 11:21 am


    that okay to have a tenative relationship with alchohol.Its a balance some people can take that balance in there own way.I used to not drink at all.Now i have a pint of beer every week.But i will never get really stupid drunk.Becasue i am there alllready.I am crazy and fun without alchohol .All alchohol does is drag me down to darker depths of stupidity and klutzenness.So heres to fish o clock or latte o clock or just a quarter past tea where you have that sip and you think everythings allright with a third eye and heart open satoreye

  • jerronimo

    September 19, 2000 at 11:57 am

    I don’t really like beer or alcohol either.. i’ve been trying to get into wine a little.

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  • daruba

    September 19, 2000 at 1:17 pm


    i dunno, beer oclock always seemed like good oclock to me, and i have a family (many members) history of alcohol abuse, and an addictive personality. I guess i just luv the suds, the creamy foam, the bitter aftertaste, the whole package. *lipsmacking, ahhhh* But i know whaddya mean. Beer Oclock can seem so surly and dark and dank and piss your pants creepy, in a taverny kinda way. Which is also sumptin i like….

  • magicwoman

    September 19, 2000 at 6:01 pm

    Don’t like beer either . . .

    Hi JennyLee – I know what you mean – beer and liquor does nothing for me. I don’t care if someone else does – it just isn’t for me.

    Part of the beer aversion may come from my childhood – my friends Eric and Denise’s parents both drank beer heavily (they were our next door neighbors) and sometimes I would go over there and the whole house reeked of beer and cigarette smoke. Sometimes (well, OK, a lot) Eric and Denise would sleep over at our house because of a party or just the plain fact that their parents were falling over dead drunk. Don’t get me wrong, I like their parents but when they were drunk – they were loud and obnoxious drunks. Our home was a safe haven for Eric and Denise during these times (I have often thought of them and wondered what they are doing and where they live – haven’t seen them since we moved from Florida in 1970).

    I don’t care for most wines either – there are a couple I can take a few sips from a glass and that wine is usually white.

    Don’t know – don’t get the fascination with equating being not in control of yourself and having fun and relaxing. . .


  • Anonymous

    September 20, 2000 at 10:36 pm

    love-hate relationship

    it’s on again, off again. I have to be in a really beer-like mood. this involves general light-heartedness, some immaturity, and friends.

    maybe that’s why you get your ache…. you feel left out, cuz other people can enjoy it while you merely watch and stew. just a thought.