We’re getting a Water Cooler!! Yay!!! I may actually drink water again!! This building is very old, and the pipes are icky, and the water doesn’t taste write, so nobody drinks it. working here has made me exceedingly dehydrated on some days, so it will be nice to have a supply of water. For some reason I can’t drink sweet things anymore – like most pop and juice. I just don’t like it.

Oh, Cyn got mentioned in Yahoo news today. woohoo!

I’m going to work on a new cam page soon… now that I’m a Warped CamPerson and stuff. It’s official… I’m warped!

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  • sirreal13

    September 18, 2000 at 5:13 pm


    When we got our spring water cooler, our cat knew the difference. He used to drink and move on. The first time he tried the spring water, he took a long drink, walked away, came back right away for another drink.