Damnit, this is beyond annoying. I’ve wanted to listen to Blue Rodeo for a few days, but my audio cd player went nuts and won’t acknowledge cd’s are in it anymore. so I thought maybe I would put cd’s into the cd-rom drive of my computer and listen to them that way. Well, it worked for one song on one cd, then when I put a different cd in, it wouldn’t read it. So I tried another cd, and it wouldn’t read that either. Then I tried Howard Jones Greatest Hits, and it read fine for about 23 seconds and then froze up my whole computer. When I took the cd out, everything worked fine again. So… No audio cd’s in my computer either. I’m sure that jay’s cd-rom drive works fine, since it’s brand new, but he’s been playing Homeworld: Cataclysm for the past two days straight, so he’s kinda using it.

That means no blue rodeo, except for this one, cuz I got the mp3 off their website ages ago. fneu.