Warning: Geek Talk To Follow

Well, I have a good monitor now! 🙂 Jay got a new 17″ so I got his 15″ – in a little while, we’ll get me a 17″ too. I also got an upgrade to an AMD K6 III 450, (his old machine) and he got a P3 800… and I went from 64 mb RAM to 256!!!!! Zoiks! I haven’t done much yet to see how much better things will run though. I’m still trying to get everything set up with the new motherboard… the bios checks my hard drives every time it boots up, and it’s convinced that my old 3.2 gig is going to implode at any moment. I’m sure that can’t be a good thing, so I moved all my important files off of it and onto my 10.2 gig. I’ve also got a speaker set with a sub, although I hope to eventually pick up the Creative Digital system (don’t need the four point, but I wouldn’t complain about it…)

The best so far, though, has to be the monitor. This one doesn’t flicker or go blurry or anything… it’s full 15″ instead of 14″ with a 1″ border on all sides.

I can’t believe I pressed “Ok” on that debit purchase though… I think that’s the biggest single debit (or any other) purchase I’ve ever made in my entire life… even if it isn’t exactly my money (we put it into a joint account, so it’s our money.) Wow. That’s all I can say. Just… wow.

Oh yes… and opening a joint account in a relationship is a pretty big thing for me. I haven’t been too keen on joint accounts since I started college and my father decided that he needed to be able to control my money, so we made my Royal account a joint account. That account still exists, only because when I went in to try and close it, they told me that I had to have the permission of the other party on the account. I left it empty for a few months, and 10$ appeared in it magically… just to keep it open or something. Sometimes I get ambitious and pull the money out again to try and get the account to close, but somehow money always appears in it again. I’ve been ignoring it for a while now, don’t know what the status is on it anymore. Probably still open though. *shrug* whatever, I don’t even use that bank anymore, so I’m not worried about the account very much.