Libra, Friday Sept. 8 2000…

Your personal life takes on a new glow as financial projects get underway. You could feel a surge of energy and power as you make contact with new situations in your life. You may not have dreamed of the opportunities that are suddenly presented to you. Tune in to your sense of what the public needs and wants. Be ready to express your joy and enthusiasm through conversations and letters. Your announcement of success could bring joy to many people right now.

Have I mentioned that Jay’s cheque arrived yesterday? Well… Jay’s cheque arrived yesterday. We’ve got an appointment with the bank today to change my account into a joint account and put the cheque into it… Tomorrow we’re going shopping for a computer, and we’re going to pay off part of my school debt, and Jay’s going to go back to school. We’re going to dedicate a lot of time to Mental Fragments and get it off the ground soon.

This weekend is really packed for us… in a good way though. And none of it’s really finalized, either… we’re supposed to get together with various people, but we don’t know for sure about some of them, and nothing is set in stone. Ahh well… it’ll all work out.