How strange… in the past few weeks, two people I was friends with in Public/High School have somehow been in contact with me. First was Sherry Dolan, who happened to be talking to our friend Jon at the same time that I was (online) so he hooked us up. We went for coffee at the second cup by my apartment, she lives pretty close to me and she visits my neighbourhood all the time.

Second is Stephen Robertson. I had a crush on him once… everyone seemed to know about it but him, or he just ignored it. He was the 98% average student, destined to go to university and do really smart things, and I had a crush on him through a lot of high school. Well, he went to university, and I’m sure he did really smart things… I don’t have a crush on him anymore though. That was a high school thing, induced by the fact that he didn’t seem interested in me at all (the more interested I was, the less he was) and the fact that our mutual friends (Jon & co.) kept trying to alternately hook us up and/or make fun of us. Or at least me. Or something. It’s high school, I don’t remember a whole lot. I still have one of Stephen’s books he lent me a couple of years ago though – he always lent me the best books.

Anyhow, it’s odd to me that people are reappearing from my past. Sherry was my best friend in grades 4-6 or so. Stephen was my first long-lived high school unrequited crush. Now if I can just find Heather Robertson or Marilyn Brooks, that would be completely nifty.