Break was… well, break. It’s not generally an exciting time. I have to cover reception again at noon. It really hasn’t been an exciting day today.

Jay updated more stuff at Mental Fragments… mostly programming stuff, and that mission statementy thing which turned out to be more of an ‘about’ page. So that’s up now anyhow. He’s got cgi-head, since he’s coding the entire site from the ground up so he remembers how to do it all. I’m just trying to compile content for it, when I’m actually at home.

Fall is a good time for me. I’m getting back into some sort of reality that I can deal with. Just need a little more concentration, a lot less apathy, and some sort of plan or goal or at least idea of what I want. I never did do my mission statement last night. I need a clear head to work on that… I’m still feeling muddy.