I was late meeting up with boo, I walked out my door and immediately missed a streetcar, so I had to wait around for ten minutes or so. Getting downtown was busy, of course… so I think I showed up late. I have no watch, though, I just know that they were there before me. Anyhow, we walked to the paper store, and they (boo & her boi) bought paper for a japanese screen thing. Then we went for food, then went to Kensington Market, where we sifted through an entire decade’s worth of 80’s dresses. It rocked… I picked up a Kimono (thanks boo!!!) that is just so pretty and so comfy… I like it.

Cam is on for now… My face is totally breaking out. Blah. Freakin time of the month freakety freakin freak…

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  • pen

    September 3, 2000 at 4:28 pm

    jealous, jealous, jealous!!