I switched the cam on already… it’s so rarely that it’s on during the day when there’s actually enough light in here. And I still need to point the desk lamp at me to get enough light for it. Blah. I look at the cam pictures and think, gee, I’d be a lot prettier if I would just smile. I guess i could fake it and smile for the camera, but that’s just a lie and not worth it anyhow.

My hand still aches a bit. So does my shoulder. and my foot is asleep. It’s overcast today, I hope it rains. It hasn’t rained in a while, I miss the rain… although all those people trying to check out the Exhibition will be upset if it does. Well, I normally don’t control the weather, so I don’t think my hoping it rains will have any impact on what actually happens weather-wise today. I don’t think the weather is either out to get me or catering to my whims…

Someone on Undernet #toronto pirv msg’d me and asked if I wanted to chat, and when I said no called me a bitch. Oh how I love Undernet. I’m feeling callously honest today.

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  • mtbandit

    September 2, 2000 at 3:16 pm

    You’re not pretty only when you smile. The smile just shows it off more.

    But only when it’s real. So don’t worry about smiling except when you want to. Like when Jay sneaks up behind you and plants one on your cheek. That’s *such* a cute picture.